Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LRB3: The Unapproved Alan Bennett on G2 cover ?

Simon Hattenstone who wrote the accompanying profile of this cheery chap drew attention to the veins on Bennett's cheeks likening them to the skein of a fine cheese. Could that be why the Guardian's photography desk chose my archive pic snapped last year at the LRB over one by Bennett's approved photographer Antony Crolla  [ some what surprisingly Bennett stipulated that only Antony could do the accompanying pic] a much less forgiving image - if that is, you regard such things as unsightly.  I wander if the great man felt he'd been swindled in some way - suspicious, wary feelings towards the press in general that as Simon points out , Bennett already harbours to no small degree  . Perhaps the Guardian photo dept. sought his approval first but knowing the considerable time pressures and workload the picture desks are under I somewhat doubt it. Anyway, I the eternally amoral photographer isnt complaining of course !

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